EFS 24/7 and a Pop Quiz

THE senior management of EFS recently committed to 24/7 customer service availability as part of the road to future success.

So, the Teacher surprised the Team with a Pop Quiz New Year's Eve.

The office was closed 12/31/09, and so planned since mid-December. So, of course, at 8:30 am on 12/31/09, John, enroute to holiday vacation, receives a call from the client regarding billing question.
8:34 John texts Tim, away with family from New York, that client is looking for month end billing
8:36 Tim texts Regina, enroute to Big Bear vacation, the same
8:38 Regina texts Tim that billing went fax Tuesday.
8:38 Regina requests remote access to verify.
8:40 Tim contacts Norm, working on another project, asks to establish remote access for Regina
8:41 Regina texts Tim: though driving, she can pull off road to a place to obtain Internet access.
8:43 Norm replies, can do, and needs Regina's contact info
8:44 Tim gives mutual contact info to Norm and to Regina
8:45 Tim texts John that billing is in client's office
8:49 Regina talks to client who says percentages billed do not match percentages approved.
8:51 Regina talks to Norm regarding access setup and learns that a third party has an IP address that can be used.
8:59 Tim texts John regarding percentages, and percentages obtained from John, what happened?
8:52 Regina calls Tim and suggests John call third party to obtain IP address, Tim says okay call John.
8:59 Regina call John regarding obtaining IP address which would necessitate a call to the third party that might be, um, awkward.
9:06 John texts Tim that percentages were confirmed with Client's field man, will call and investigate.
9:08 Regina confirms with client GM that, worst case, issue can be resolved Monday am.
9:20 John calls Tim: thinks that issue is not dollars billed, but categories assigned to billing dollars. Tim should call client GM to discuss Friday, to secure happy client and facilitate swift Monday am resolution.
9:21 John calls Tim to discuss IP address for Regina remote access. Regina has confirmed worst case that client accepts Monday resolution, rendering today's remote access noncritical. Decision made to forgo IP address call. New remote will be set up next week.
9:22 Tim calls client office for GM. Office directs to client controller first. Client controller says certain forms to be used. "O Yes, my apologies, I should have looked for that". "O no problem, I will fill out the form for you and show you how to do it for this billing, and you do it for the rest, and Monday morning resolution of December's billing is fine." "Thank you very much. Happy New Year to you".
9:25 Tim calls GM on phone; leaves voice mail: 1) regarding billing, my apologies for not getting it on right form, i knew better but forgot, i will handle perfectly henceforth; 2) regarding percentages, i thought we had it exactly as wanted, my apologies, i am at computer now if you wish to call me back and i will get resolved immediately, otherwise if Monday am is ok (already knowing it is), we'll settle it by 9:00 am, 3) congratulations on the excellent person handling your phones (his daughter), she is outstanding, 4) happy new year and best wishes in 2010, 5) and most importantly, that bet i made with you, that we would prove to be the very best ever contractor you have worked with, i hope this snafu isnt counting as demerits against me, becuase i'll be working my butt off to make it up. Happy New Years!
10:25 Tim text to John: client handled and happy
10:28 Tim texts Regina: we must remember to use client's forms
10:29 Regina text to Tim: got it
10:30 John text to Tim: OK that works

Working with a Team that is serious about business, is fun!
Happy New Years!