Extending and Retracting Budgets

Gold’s Gym and Self Storage, Los Angeles, CA.
Yes. No. You're right, they don’t normally go together, but this time they did. It was downtown where land is expensive, self storage needed and gymnasiums in vogue. The concept was brilliant and the owner-retained structural engineer even more so. In an early meeting we were told of an overseas commission for a conceptual 150 story tower office building and a stateside design for an automatically retracting and extending athletic stadium bleacher seating system. But the building at hand was only 3 stories and Gold’s Gym wasn't interested in a roof that would automatically retract and extend and the job was way over budget. “Can you assist us to get the engineering back into budget?” “Of course.” The ego management portion turned out not to be the challenge I anticipated, the engineer was great to work with. The engineering review and direction was relatively simple but financially dramatic in the owner’s favor. And the tight sight crane construction went without a hitch. If you need an automatically extending and retracting football stadium seating system design, I can give you a good reference. If you need an economical 1-3 story building designed and installed on a tough site, you’re already in the right place.