Keepin Pets cool in AZ

When it comes to meeting city and county building code requirements for replacement of existing Air Conditioning Units, PetSmart entrusts EFS with all phases of Inspection, Engineering, and Reinforcement of the roof structure.

Engineered Framing Systems recently completed three more Phase I Inspections for PetSmart in the greater Phoenix area. In an ongoing collaboration, EFS and PetSmart continue to bring Air Conditioned pleasure to pets, employees, and customers at the many PetSmart locations.

Bowstring Truss Reinforcement Proceeding On Schedule

The site is one of the eleven original buildings and one very large hangar constructed by Howard Hughes for his growing aviation enterprise during WW2. The buildings housed his operation when he moved from Glendale. The massive hangar has been utilized by the film industry for years for such features as Aviator and Titanic. This building, now unoccupied is being renovated by EFS.

Hope Rises In Downtown Los Angeles

Engineered framing construction commences on an accelerated schedule for this downtown 60' tall office building.

"Construction had been delayed for several months due to unforeseen underground problems", said the Construction Manager's superintendent. "Now construction is proceeding on a fast tracked schedule to make up as much time as possible."

It is anticipated that the 3 floors and roof will be ready for Building Department inspection by the middle of January 2012 at the present pace.


Newhall Library Roof Structure Nears Completion

Engineered Framing Systems has completed the wood rough carpentry portion of this landmark project in Newhall California. The beautiful glued laminated trusses, furnished by Standard Structures of Santa Rosa California, will be a prominent feature for the interior finish of the grand building. EFS has been contracted to install the metal deck roof system also which can be seen progressing in the accompanying photograph.


Oltmans Construction Awards LD Products To Engineered Framing Systems, Inc.

Engineered Framing Systems, Inc., EFS, is pleased to announce the reception of a contract for this southern California office space from Oltmans. "Oltmans Construction is a premiere builder, unquestionably, said Tim McCarthy, principal with EFS. "EFS has enjoyed a long a successful relationship with them. And we are proud that they have entrusted, once again, a critical project into our safekeeping." WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2011

Glued Laminated Bolted Trusses Delivered To Newhall Library Site

The magnificent trusses, prefabricated offsite, are unbundled and prepared for installation. these trusses are part of a six truss roof assembly comprising the roof structure at the Newhall Library in Southern California


Engineered Framing Systems Building Newhall Library, California

Massive Glued Laminated Trusses for the Newhall Library are being fabricated as of this date. The framing for the beautiful new structure will be completed November this year.


Premiere Landrover Dealership Contract Awarded To Engineered Framing Systems

The long established Ventura Boulevard fixture for Landrover enthusiasts is undergoing a major makeover this year. Long term negotiations between the neighborhood, the city and the owner have come to satisfactory conclusion and the project is moving forward immediately. "It's a difficult remodel," the superintendent said, "it'll require a lot of attention and care. We have been very pleased with the work EFS has consistently performed for us.

300,000 S.F. City Of Industry Building Contracted With EFS

Engineered Framing Systems, Inc., EFS is pleased to announce the reception of a contract to erect the roof structure for this massive new building in Southern California. "Sure it's big," the EFS project manger was quoted as saying, "but after the 660,000 square footer we just finished in Irwindale, this'll be a walk in the park.". Still, that's a pretty big park. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 01, 2011 LABELS: PROJECT SCOPE: PANELIZED ROOF, PROJECT SCOPE: STEEL JOIST
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